Captain CF's season blog 2017

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Re: Captain CF's season blog 2017

Postby Durhamfootman » Mon Jun 18, 2018 10:23 pm

what was Monty's beard like?

and is he still ssiping everywhere with little regard to anybody else?

did anyone offer to park his car for him?
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Re: Captain CF's season blog 2017

Postby sussexpob » Tue Jun 19, 2018 11:10 am

Other people will disagree, but I always found that teams that hire ringers like that in club cricket should be shot. Ok, in some instances its fine because when we used to play people like Horsham, they'd bring the odd Sussex guy on a day off with a handful of the B team younger players, but most of those guys wouldnt take it that serious. For some reason though, whenever we went to Kent to play games, all those teams loved a ringer. And it all felt a bit more serious.

I remember going to Hollingbourne CC one year and they fielded Robbie Jospeh, a guy well capable of clocking in the 90mph plus zone at that age. And he had struggled for a bit of form and fitness for Kent, and so he wasnt in the mood to bowl off a half run up and give us a gentle time, he was steaming in and bowling the occasional rib height ball. I thought that was a bit of a disgrace to be doing that against largely amateurs. I blocked out one over at the end from him and it was like an outer body experience, he was too quick for me to know what I was doing or to be purposeful. I was flinging the bat out and praying, obviously the man upstairs wasnt ready for me.

Irfan is no doubt similar. He's what, 7ft and bowls rapid pace? Probably on a club arrangement for a visa and needs to justify the price of a club car. What happens if he then cranks it up, with that pace and bounce from that height? He'd take your head off. Its not sensible for non-professionals to play with such people.
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Re: Captain CF's season blog 2017

Postby andy » Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:37 pm

Monty looked a shadow of his former self and it was sad....didn't do much with ball, couple of wickets, but not anywhere near his old self...offered nothing with the bat and was awful in the field even for club standard sad to see...

Irfan didn't bowl much...3 overs for 7 runs, at a decent pace though...batted and made 46*
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