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Australia test side going forward

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 2:07 pm
by andy
This was the side that Australia put out for the 4th test against South Africa

Paine (c) (wk)

Now going forward it will be intresting to see how this develops and who gets selected in the future, and the general culture within the work my way down from the openers...

Renshaw and Burns...Renshaw had a very quiet game.. The guy obviously has talent and the selectors see a future for him in international cricket. I also see a future for him in international cricket. He has come back to the test side with a more positive approach. He has defintiely come out of his shell a little bit, which is good to see, but at the same time i hope he dosen't over do it, and lose what got him in the side in the first place. Which was his temprament and his ability to face a lot of balls and soak up pressure... Burns is an intresting one. He got a start in the 2nd innings making 42, and seemed to be doing okay watching all the chaos un-ravel around him. IMO he was unlucky to be dropped a couple of years ago...averages just under 40 in test cricket, which admittedly for an opener you would want mid-high 40's, but he certainly had enough to be given a longer run...has a few test hundreds to his name, and seems like he has the game for test cricket... You would think with Warner highly unlikely to play test cricket again, that these two could be well the opening partnership for years to come for Australia, and why not? Both young enough, both talented enough, and both should be given at least the australian summer to show what they can do..

VERDICT: For me these two are the long term future for Australia

Middle order: Let's start at number 3 with Usman Khawaja. I've heard many say he could be a contender for long term captaincy. But for me, he's lucky to still be in the side...i don't understand why the selectors love him so much, he's far too inconsistent. Yes on form he is a good bastman to watch, but that's not reguarly enough. For me he isn't the long term solution to the number 3 spot.. it's a shame Chirs Lynn isn't intrested, as could have been a contender... Nic Maddinson maybe? Has to be someone else around who can be given a go? I don't see a long term future for Khawaja at 3... IMO Steve Smith will slot back in when he is able to again, rightly or wrongly.. Peter Handscomb. Handscomb is an odd one... He did well in the first part of his test career. He got off to a very good start and averaged around 50 odd, but then got found out. Technically he is flawed, and is an LBW candidate, he has the talent to suceed, but does he have the drive and desire to tweak his technique to allow him to succeed more reguarly. For me he stays in the side at 4 and should be given a long run. Shaun Marsh. Such a frustrating cricketer. Again clearly has the talent, but I've never seem anyone start so badly in an innings. He always looks like his on debut and that its only a matter of time before he gets out...His scoring is strange too... He's usually a hundred or nothing, barely anything in-between, and at 34 time is running out for him to really cement his spot. I'm not sure he will last another 12 months in this side.... Mitch Marsh. Now mitch Marsh re-called on the back of some good form for Western Australia, started well, he got a big hundred in the Ashes and it looked like he had finally he's gone backwards again. Struggled in South Africa, his techinical flaws seem to have come back again, and he is getting out cheaply again...and if he isn't scoring runs then he can't justify staying in the side, as he is barely bowling. I don't know if he was injrued in South Africa or whether just under-bowled, but his bowling has lacked penetration for some time now. Pace is way down hovering around 120kph mark, and doing anything will the ball either. Just throwdowns that are reguarly being dismissed and despatched. It's a real crunch time now for Marsh, the selectors will run out of patience and will find someone else if he dosen't get his act together, otheriwse Maxwell could well find his way back into the side.

VERDICT: Khawaja - bye bye
Handscomb - Stays in the side
S.Marsh - wafer thin ice
M.Marsh - needs to bowl more otherwise he is wasting a spot in that

Tim Paine. I'm so glad Tim Paine was re-called back to the side for the Ashes. Always been a big fan of his, and it if wasn't for thay finger injury some years ago, the IMO would have been in the side for a long, long time. Along with Nevill, the best gloveman in the country, and always a good batsman to have around, I was happy to see he had been given the captaincy. Mark Taylor said that Paine wasn;t just a stop gap, he is officially the new test captain of Australia, and IMO it's a good move. Can steady the ship, and bring it back together. The players respect him, and he is reliable at what he does. Whether this new peace and harmony side he is trying to bring to it lasts, i don't know but it's a start, and for me he stays in the side and captains for the for-seeable.

Verdict: Stays long-term

Bowlers....Not a lot can say here....Lyon, Starc, Hazelwood, Cummins, all pick themsleves...the back up isn't great though....Was very dissapinted in Sayers...on debut just hoevered around 120kph, yes swuing the ball a bit, but not a lot and was bowling exactly the same as Marsh. He won't last long at this level, suprised given his f/c record and the fact he bowls at Adelaide!!! James Pattinson a talent but can't get him on the field, be suprised if he plays much more international cricket.... and then it starts to get bare...Jhye Richardson picked off the back of 2f/c games which isn't enough and reeks of desperation....and then there's the issue of 2nd spinner...who is it? Agar? Not good enough spin bowler for test cricket...Holland? Not sure selectors rate him.... O'Keefe? Always gets himself into trouble and therefore out of the side...

bumpy times ahead?

Re: Australia test side going forward

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:16 pm
by Arthur Crabtree
Must be a few kids coming through in the shield. When I look at the scorecards, I see a lot of new names.

Re: Australia test side going forward

PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:34 pm
by sussexpob
Joe Burns I believe only made scores in tests everyone scored heavy. When the ball moved on tracks that werent roads, he looks technically poor. Hence I think his average was ignored when dropping him. Guess in current situations it makes sense for them to give him another go, but unsure hes good enough. Shaun Marsh is poor, Id expect they go elsewhere. Mitch Marsh did well recently at stages, but the flash hasnt lasted long. In current environment, I doubt Khawaja has to worry in a line up where no one is safe.

Id love the Ashes to be now, this line up looks pretty beatable for all

Re: Australia test side going forward

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:31 am
by bigfluffylemon
Renshaw looks to have the capability to succeed at this level - a lot of people thought he was unlucky to be dropped. Burns I'm a lot less convinced by - on the flat Australian tracks he's done ok, but as an opener I think he'll be found out whenever Australia go somewhere where the ball moves.

Handscomb is technically flawed and had already been found out. If he doesn't fix his issues I can't see him lasting long.

Re: Australia test side going forward

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:23 pm
by from_the_stands
Renshaw - Leading run scorer in Sheffield Shield. Deserves an extended run in the side.
Burns - I like Burns, but not as an opener. Drop him down the order.
Khawaja - This guy, sigh. Can't make a run away from home. I guess he's in there until Smith comes back.
Handscomb - Plays well against rubbish teams, but struggles against good one's. Just as well Kurtis Patterson hasn't quite set the world on fire yet.
S.Marsh - Maybe open with Marsh and bat Burns at 5.
M.Marsh - Glenn Maxwell is right behind you, fella.
Paine (c) (wk) - Safe for now. Alex Carey to come in when Paine retires/gets injured again.
Cummins - Safe as a church.
Lyon - Safe as a church
Sayers - Keeping the slot warm for M2.
Hazelwood - Safe as a church.

Re: Australia test side going forward

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:43 am
by from_the_stands
The contracts for the coming season have been awarded.

2018-19 CA men's contracts: Ashton Agar, Alex Carey, Pat Cummins, Aaron Finch, Peter Handscomb, Josh Hazlewood, Travis Head, Usman Khawaja, Nathan Lyon, Glenn Maxwell, Shaun Marsh, Mitchell Marsh, Tim Paine, Matthew Renshaw, Jhye Richardson, Kane Richardson, Billy Stanlake, Mitchell Starc, Marcus Stoinis, Andrew Tye.

OUT: Cameron Bancroft, Jackson Bird, Hilton Cartwright, James Pattinson, Steve Smith, Matthew Wade, David Warner, Adam Zampa
IN: Alex Carey, Shaun Marsh, Tim Paine, Jhye Richardson, Kane Richardson, Marcus Stoinis, Andrew Tye

It's a bit of a thin squad. With the Ashes and World Cup just over a year away, hopefully some of these players will rise to the challenges ahead of them. The home series against India is really going to show exactly where we are, which might not be in such a great a place.

What troubles me about the list is a lack of opening options in the long form, the lack of a second spinner, and Usman Khawaja & Peter Handscomb at 3 & 4. I can see myself doing a lot of drinking in the coming 12-18 months.

Re: Australia test side going forward

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:44 am
by Arthur Crabtree
Future looks uncertain with that squad.

Re: Australia test side going forward

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:39 am
by sussexpob
Problem is, do Australia have the batsman in reserve that are standing out well enough to justify their selection? Who performed in the shield this year? Who averaged say a minimum of 40 who isn't already in contention or in the side?

Wade - been there and done that.
Jordan Silk - A player who seemed to be pencilled in for tests at a young age, but who's short term form this year looks like the oasis in the middle of a desert of detritus.
Bancroft - Well, we know he isn't going to be picked unless he plays like Bradman after his ban for 3-4 years.
Doran - Believe its his first year hes done well, another 1-2 years like this and he might stand out.
Heazlett/Humprthy - nah, these aren't test picks.
Callum Ferguson - Too old. Averages 41 in nearly 40 ODI games at Sriking 85 and cant get a game in years, so tests are never happening

Not much else

Re: Australia test side going forward

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:46 am
by sussexpob
from_the_stands wrote: What troubles me about the list is a lack of opening options in the long form, the lack of a second spinner, and Usman Khawaja & Peter Handscomb at 3 & 4. I can see myself doing a lot of drinking in the coming 12-18 months.

Unless Khawaja goes through a horrendous patch of form in the next 12 months, he will be there. Averaged 38 this year, which in the context of the current team should be enough to be penned in for the medium term, even at that level.

I would be amazed if Handscomb isn't developed into a Prior/Bairstow style option for Australia, I can see he needs work on his technique to fast bowling and might not justify selection, but with the keeping experience and ability I would imagine with the next 12 months Handscomb will be faded into Paine's roll, with the latter dropping out when Smith returns. It makes sense to me because then you give him that comfort of being able to work on his game without the pressure of averaging 40 plus, and hope like those mentioned that after 20-30 tests he starts to find his feet with the bat a bit more.

Paine is an on paper decent performer, but his average is boosted by a lot of 20/30*s of recent times. And he bats so much like a pedestrian that he doesn't add much value to those not outs. Teams would be quite happy to let him close out another end batting in his hole, while they work on the tailender at the other end. I personally think in modern day times, batsman who bat with the tail need to start being aggressive as it comes to 8/9 down. Paine seems to be a player who plays only for his average.

Seems bizarre he ended up captain. Id have given it to one of the pacemen personally, I can see him being a weight on the team

Re: Australia test side going forward

PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:23 pm
by andy
Nic Maddinson won't have a state for the start of the next domestic season! Astonishingly no side wanted him!

Re: Australia test side going forward

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:23 am
by andy
andy wrote:Nic Maddinson won't have a state for the start of the next domestic season! Astonishingly no side wanted him!

Yet has has been picked up for the t20 blast....future t20 player only?