England's new ODI batsmen.

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England's new ODI batsmen.

Postby meninblue » Sat Jun 23, 2018 4:46 am

The current England ODI batsmen statistically are setting higher benchmarks of expectations than those set by KP, Morgan and Trott. Totally outclassing the ex England ODI cricketers as far as average and SR combo is concerned or the ability to score mammoth innings. This England batting is more exciting to watch as a fan.

Here are average and SR combo which i think are very important statistics for ODI cricketer nowadays.

1. Jonny : 53 @ 105
2. Joe: 50 @ 87

3. Jason : 40 @ 105
4. Alex : 39 @ 96

Picking the folowing three because they were pillars of England ODI side in past
KP : 41 @ 87
Morgan: 37 @ 89
Trott: 52 @ 77

(1).Jonny : 53 @ 105

High scores: Note- Some of these could be not outs.
141, 139, 138

Statistically best avg and SR combo than any England cricketer in history. Does any England batsman has better than combo ?

6 * 100's in 43 innings is probably best conversion. 7 * 50's as well. Only Virat with 17 per 100 innings is probably better than Jonny in 100's per 100 innings.

Plus his ability to set matches with 100's and quick 50's at top of order. Scores of 139. Not to forget, he has the much needed ability to play over the infield with ease.

(2.)Joe: Avg and SR combo of 50 @ 87
High scores: Note - Some of these could be not outs.
133, 125,121,113,109,107,106,104,104,102,101.

Joe is important to this England side. As explained, he covers up the SR in long innings, which means that he paces the innings well more often than not. Also i checked that his average and SR combo is 50.36 @ SR 86.74. It is very good imo. Many top class players of major international teams have that. Similar to Hashim Amla & Dhoni. Two very successful ODI players. Better than Steven Smith. If we do more research, Joe's average and SR combo will match a lot more top class ODI players and probably be better than lot

As far as comparison with England players he is better than KP 40.73 @ 86.58. Yes KP had some less advantage of field restrictions,but Joe has a considerable difference in run in average. Even Joe is doing better than Morgan who has combo of 37.36 @ 88.85. Englands best player of spin bowling imo. Better than Jason and Alex having watched IPL this year and having watched Joe on his previous tours of India.

Joe is better than many England players of past and some in the current team as well.

The other point i would like to make is, Joe is good against spin than Jonny, Jason and Alex. Alex Hales even being arguably the best T20i batsman was not picked in IPL, The well known reason was lack of availability for full IPL. The other reason was his lesser skills against spin whcih franchisees factored in and it was not totally wrong having watched this IPL. Apart from one terrific innings against Mumbai, Jason struggled to even score against IPL sides which have lot of domestic bowlers on wickets he is not used too. Alex too did not enjoy the success against spinners in IPL. The least said about Morgan in IPL history the better. He has totally flopped on wickets here. So much that he was on sidelines in most matches and now he didn't even get bids. Joe is better than both of them in the aspect of playing spin, isn't he? Here on wickets which is not offering the bowlers any spin and lack plus lack of quality spinners in Aussie team and the overall ability to not utilize or captain spin bowlers well a lot of subjective comparison gets missed.

Another important point being although high scores cannot compete to that of Jonny, Jason and Alex, he brings immense value to team with his higher batting average in terms of runs to compensate the lesser SR of two of those three batsmen.

Around 10 * 100's in approximately 100 ODI innings is good. Add to it 28 * 50.

(3.)Jason: Avg and SR combo of 40 @ 105

High scores: Note- Some of these could be not outs.

6* 100's in 61 innings and 12 * 50's. Slightly lesser conversion as compared to Jonny, but still top class conversion.

I would not touch the openers. Jason is 3/4th Rohit Sharma as far as looking at big scores. He looks like one who can make the first ODI double hundred for England. Such players are rare. Yes, he becomes inconsistent in some series playing one mammoth knock and flopping in others, but one does not expects consistency with such players. This series has been a welcome change for Jason, 2 * 100's and a 50 is superb consistency. I will wait to see how he does in India though because he has flopped in IPL this year and onus is on him to prove improve. His avg and SR combo of 40 @ 105 is good and the ability to play mammoth individual innings carries a lot of weightage imo.

Like Jonny, England have a batsman who can easily clear in-field. His cover drive were classic in this series. Wonderful connection.

The opening combo of Jonny and Jason could be one of the best in World Cricket.

(4.) Alex : Avg and SR combo of 39 @ 96

High scores: Note- Some of these could be not outs.

6 * 100's in 62 innings and 13 * 50's. Kind of Joe type conversion rate as far as 100's are concerned but bats one place ahead nowadays.

Average and SR combo is improving and we can hope it gets better over time gradually. What was once a bad average and SR combo is not going to change overnight. Important to note is that it's getting better than it was in past.

Second only to Jason as far as high scored are concerned but that could be because he bats one spot lower nowadays. England finally have two players who can score 175.

Something which no other England batsmen in ODI history has given this performances. I would say that Jason and Alex are the only English batsmen who may score ODI double hundred. Once they do that i will expect a 264 from them due to improvement they would ahve shown in top score. And then maybe 3 doubles. In short i rate them very highly in World Cricket at this point of time. Along with the best.

5. Jos: Avg and SR combo of 39 @ 119

High Scores:
129, 121,116,105,100

Exciting batsman to watch. Doesn't has high scores but his 129 and 121 has come batting at No 6. and No7. respectively. So can score 150+ if promoted.

His avg:sr combo is amazing considering he bats at 6. Wondering if he is the best ODI finisher right now. Dhoni is on decline. Who else is better than Jos in that role at this point of time ?

Joe supports him well by promoting him over himself like we saw in 4th ODI this series against Aussies. Captains selfless tactics are key and something that will help this England team a lot in developing successors.

Most impressive to me was he had a terrific IPL debut season. After few matches Warne and Ajinkya asked him to open and results were incredible. Opened and scored 5 successive 50's only to earn test recall and miss remained or IPL. He handled spin well as compared to other England batsmen. Has trouble with reading wrong one but he cashes on remaining stuff.

They have not had as much success in spin friendly conditions or didn't look as convincing on wickets different to what they are used to, however it is already factored in the average and SR combos i have posted (as on 22nd June 2018). Some of other weakness will be there.
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