Who should replace Anderson and Broad?

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Re: Who should replace Anderson and Broad?

Postby Arthur Crabtree » Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:32 pm

I think English players tend to take a few years to establish themselves. Don't know why particularly. Not all (Botham, Gower, Root made immediate impact) but most.
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Re: Who should replace Anderson and Broad?

Postby Slipstream » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:52 am

Durhamfootman wrote:I have a feeling that Anderson, while he started early, only nailed his place down a few years later. Flintoff the same. Sometimes earlier isn't better

I've just checked and he only really became an integral part of the side circa 2007/2008, so 5 years and mid 20's before he perfected his art.

He took longer than most as the coaches changed his action when he first came into the England Test team. Then he had a stress fracture in 2006 and reverted back to his normal action in 2007.

When Finn started his economy was 3.50/3.80 and Anderson was the same, as well as Steyn. . They had to learn as they as they went. Remember when Finn was the leading wicket taker in the Ashes in Oz and he was dropped after the 3rd Test because he was too expensive.
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